We’ll Light You Up like a Live Wire

Two in one day – how lucky you are. Now we’ll be sharing our pics from our SECOND viewing of Kinky Boots. We just cannot get enough of this show. Lots of good moments from this one, including us giving Billy Porter a smooch – wish we had a photo of that, but, you know.. too busy smooching. Enjoy!

1546397_765072127974_6562725721219484576_n 1654297_765072282664_5323145306947941854_n 1919623_765084103974_4495705228247844179_n 1924321_765084029124_6147630095480483487_n 10394537_765083939304_6871771708832006315_n 10402858_765072147934_8765130281279611173_n 10403458_765072202824_3847244052581324205_n 10516733_765072018194_8504128009301500501_n 10530661_765084014154_4630780980628413977_n 10533752_765072242744_773515700826769268_n 10537386_765035656064_2622255088582681449_n 10552582_765072172884_3258392017742832260_n 10565160_765084064054_6770358811474418746_n 10568810_765035735904_1062377854197210093_n



And for those of you that are interested, we’ll have another (sort of new) review for you coming soon…. we’ve decided.. to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch again, this time with Andrew Rannells, to do a compare! Stay tuned, because this blog is going to be buzzing in September.


About Kristin R

I'm a twenty-something woman living in NYC working in the nonprofit sector, learning to thrive in the Big Apple while balancing my new life as a (quasi) stepmother.

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